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Aleena Alvarado

Age: 19 years old

From: Austin, Texas

Hi, I’m Aleena and I’m 19 from Austin, Texas and I love queso.

From Aleena’s Blog

Tiny Humans

Posted on: 14/03/2019

This tiny human, not even 48 hours old, slept in my arms when her mother let me hold her. She was sleeping so peacefully not aware of the outside world. I didn’t know how trusted I was until after giving her back to her mom and realized that holding this mothers daughter was beyond a privilege. Her mother willingly let a stranger hold her daughter and she trusted me with...

Meeting the Holy Spirit

Posted on: 14/03/2019

The Holy Spirit and I are friends. He’s a bit quiet at times and I’m usually yelling at Him because He doesn’t speak loud enough but overall He’s always there for me. He saved my life last February as I tried to leave this Earth to soon and ever since then, I talk to Him all of the time and He just listens. I have had a very few distinct...

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