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Jonathan Franzen

Age: 18 years old

Hi my name is Jonathan Franzen! I love traveling and ministering; mostly to see people be inspired by Gods word! 18 years into this life and loving it! See what’s happening new in my blogs!

From Jonathan’s Blog

Another week in Africa

Posted on: 15/03/2019

I couldn’t be more happy right now. As things get busier, things get more exciting!This week I have learned so much about my strengths and I’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg! We are reading an amazing book called Strength Based Leadership. It is really good material that we can apply to our lives — it’s all about being aware of our strengths and how to utilize them. As...

Arriving on my first internship!

Posted on: 15/03/2019

“Yo John! What happened to you!? You use you to be this fine young man, now your life is like a roller coaster, doing all these crazy thing just to please people who you barely know.” “I know man, life’s just crazy right now.” “What are you gonna do to fix it?” “ I feel like I need to get busy for the lord again. I mean, I use to...