Friday Chaos!

Written by Jordan on 15/03/19

Jordan Konkler
Feb 8, 2019

Friday Chaos!

After only two weeks in South Africa, I am quickly learning Fridays will be full of absolute chaos, but I love it! I call it our Kids Ministry Day. It begins with an early morning wake up – 5:30am for me – and a quick breakfast of muffins and corn flakes. Then we are off to an assembly at a local primary school, where we perform a short drama about getting entangled in sin, and how Jesus is the only way out of that sin. The students are loving every minute of it, and many of them shout the salvation prayer with all of their might!

As soon as the assembly is over, we hop in the van to drive to one of the Impact Kids schools. Here we received classroom placements, so for the rest of my time here, you will find me laughing and coloring with the Elephants (kindergartners). They love to climb, be silly, sing songs, and ask “teacha teacha, please come here,” all the time!

Around noon, we break for a quick lunch of turkey and cheese sandwiches, cheetos, and an apple. We hop in the bus again and drive to one of the local squatter camps. Then we put on two of the loudest and most rambunctious kids programs, called Jabulani Kids, and it is absolute joy. There is no other way to describe it. So much dancing, singing, and little toes running through the dirt.

At the end of the day, though my feet are tired, my skin is sunburnt like a tomato, and my hair is dripping sweat, it really doesn’t matter, because so many kids heard the truth. So many children were hugged and reminded they are loved by God. So many lives were changed. I love every minute of it.