Seven Days in Africa!

Written by Jordan on 15/03/19

Jordan Konkler // Seven Days in Africa!

We finally made it! After over 20 hours of travel, meeting my team in the airport, and the most horrendous turbulence of my life, we touched base in South Africa! From then on, it has been non-stop training and so much learning! Let me give you an inside scoop at some of my favorite things I’ve learned so far.

1. It’s completely okay to chat with the cashiers at the grocery store – bonus points if you practice speaking their native tongue. Everyone will start laughing, and who doesn’t love to laugh with one another?
2. Apparently South Africa is at a high altitude (no one warned me about this), but I learned very quickly when my lungs screamed in protest after just who laps arounds the property.
3. South Africa uses REAL sugar!! This means soda, although still unhealthy, tastes so much better!
4. Swimming in February is never something I would have even dreamed of doing, but the seasons are opposite in the southern hemisphere, so we are experiencing summer, and I am soaking it up (pun intended).
5. Being vulnerable with people I met only one week ago is challenging, but also so rewarding, especially when we spend practically every minute together. Whether we are playing volleyball or sharing our deepest fears with one another or simply eating breakfast, we are family.
6. The culture of South Africa is so vast – there are so many different people groups here. It reminds me of a crocheted blanket made with row after row of various shades of yarn. I absolutely love it.
7. I am learning, but am still not used to cars driving on the left side of the road here. It throws me off every single time our truck turns into the left lane, and I brace myself for oncoming traffic.

There ya have it, folks. Seven lessons for seven days in South Africa. I already know there is so much yet to be learned, but my ears and eyes are wide open, ready for more stories, more people, and more of God moving!