Advice from A Second Year

Written by Luke on 15/03/19

As a second year intern, there are things that I look back on and advice I would give to myself as a first year intern:

1. If your scared of something, go do it. Fear is a liar and a major roadblock that needs to be overcome. The enemy uses this to keep us from doing and living out the things God has called us to do. Run straight at it, show fear that it has no hold on you.
2. Invest in relationships every chance you get! The relationships you make here are worth all the effort it takes to develop them. Put the time in because these are relationships you will cherish the rest of your life.
3. Say yes! Always say yes to whatever God asks of you. No regrets comes from living a life of obedience. It may be hard at first, but saying yes is always beneficial in the end.