All Work No Play

Written by Luke on 15/03/19

All Work No Play… Wait No… All Play No Work, wait…

Gun in hand, sneaking through the tall grass, stalking my prey. Looking for a clear shot, waiting for the perfect moment… pop, pop, pop. Got em! On to the next target. This one has taken better cover. I don’t have a clear shot at my current position. 3…2…1…GO! I make a run for a better position. Out of nowhere bullets start flying past my head…pop…pop…pop! I make it, but am I shot? My brother in arms inspects me and informs me that it only barely grazed me but i’m alright! Unfortunately my new position doesn’t provide an easier shot at my prey. There is cover up ahead that would provide a clear shot at my target but leaves me exposed, however, it is heavily guarded by enemies. Without hesitation I make a run for it! Diving for the cover im rolling upside down knowing that my target will notice me any second and fire in my direction. Not wanting to be caught in this awkward position, I fire my gun while rolling into the cover upside down… pop…pop…pop! Target down!!! Somehow I managed to hit the target in the butt while diving and rolling for cover. The final target then surrenders! WE WIN!!! Basically a typical weekend for us interns.

The reason we came here as interns is to serve the people here in South Africa and further the Kingdom of Heaven. However, it is also important to mix in some fun! And as much as we love the Lord and love the people here, man oh man do we love to have fun. We use the weekend we have off to rest, but more importantly to have fun. Paintball is just one of the ways that we do so!