Cincinnati – South Africa

Written by Rebekah on 15/03/19

The past 13 days have been so full — in every way. I’ll be sharing a little more about life in SA, but for now…..Here’s a little recap of travel day!

Jan 29th
2:11pm: I flew out of CVG to ATL
3:45pm: In ATL, I met up with the other interns.
(Keep in mind: we’d never met each other…so running on limited group-chat pictures, I think it’s important to note our success in finding one another)

3:45pm-6:22pm: We had a bit of time before we needed to head to our gate, so we grabbed some food and (duh) coffee

6:22pm: There were quite a few open seats on our flight, so we were able to spread out a little, which made the 15hr flight significantly more comfortable. After not sleeping the two nights before leaving, I took advantage of the eye masks and slept for a good portion of the beginning of the trip. We ran into a bit of turbulence during the night, but overall, it was a really smooth and great flight!

Jan 30th
4:40pm: We landed in Johannesburg, SA and smoothly went through customs, found our luggage, and were greeted by the intern leaders and two other interns who had arrived separately.

(Why was I so far away??? Hahaha)

7pm(ish): Super sweet welcome to the Impact Africa base and my room for the next three months!!

I have one roommate and we’ve already had a lot of laughs and great conversations.
Oh hey Fern! <3

(This was our first JK Friday — after overthinking our outfits forever the night before, we decided to match because why not?)

Overall, I loved my first international travel experience!! Highly recommend. I’m settling in here in South Africa and absolutely loving it (I may not leave…), and I’m so excited to share more about life here! So stay posted!

Much love until then!