So um… what are we doing

Written by Rebekah on 15/03/19

One of the most commonly asked questions (duly) after I announced my internship with Impact Africa was regarding what I would be doing here. If you’ve followed along, you’re probably familiar with my rather vague answer I was inclined to give (as I really only had a vague picture of what it would look like myself). Now that I’m here though, I’m so excited to share what I’ve been up to and what my schedule looks like!

Here’s a snapshot (no seriously a snapshot) of what a typical week looks like for me! There are a few meeting and things like that which aren’t included in the schedule — along with various events we may have sporadically. However, this is a pretty good picture (okay I’m done with the puns) of what my weekly schedule looks like!

I’ll share more about what each department entails in future posts, but here’s a quick overview!

Mondays are office days, so we get to experience a bit of the “behind the scenes” of Impact Africa, take classes, work on blogging (eyyo) and fundraising, etc.
Tuesdays I’m either with Impact Students or I will be working some Tuesdays with Impact Kids
Wednesdays I’ll be doing Community Outreach
Thursdays I’m with Impact Baby Rescue
Fridays We sometimes do an assembly at a local school, then head to Impact kids for the morning, then do Jabulani Kids

Because we’ll be rotating departments, I’ll be able to experience all of them — which I love!

I’m so incredibly excited to share all about each of the departments and everything I’ve been learning and experiencing here! Before that though, I wanted to sort of lay a foundation and fill you all in on what my schedule will look like and what departments I’ll be working in!

Much love!