Week 1 – Q – A

Written by Sallie on 15/03/19

Sallie Suski
Impact Africa Blog #1 ~3 Month Program~

Q: How did you hear about the program?

– I had the opportunity to talk to Rich Franzen, a close family friend as well as the founder of the program at a birthday party last summer
– He introduced me to the program he built, known as Impact Africa and invited me to tag along that summer or in the future
– I was in a toxic relationship at the time and had no desire to go on the trip that summer
– I headed off to college
– I had ended things with my toxic boyfriend the first week into college by the grace of God-One step closer to me going
– God had kept Impact Africa on my heart all throughout my first semester of college
– I felt God tapping me on my shoulder after I finished my first semester, telling me NOW is your time to go.

About a month and a half after the semester ended, I am here, fully funded.
God provides a way~Trust in him with all of your heart