Meeting the Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit and I are friends. He’s a bit quiet at times and I’m usually yelling at Him because He doesn’t speak loud enough but overall He’s always there for me. He saved my life last February as I tried to leave this Earth to soon and ever since then, I talk to Him all of the time and He just listens.

I have had a very few distinct encounters, that I clearly remember, where I could hear the voice of the Holy Spirit so clearly.

First: The night He saved my life.
Second: The day I was called to missions.
Third: Jesus time in South Africa where He called me to missions in South Africa.
Fourth: The night He showed me that my heart was the heart of Jesus.

I have been surrounded by Holy Spirit filled people who can discern His voice and can unclog their own thoughts to hear His. For several years now, I have been saying I cannot hear the Lord’s voice. I now realize that He’s always talking to me, I’m just not always wanting to listen and void my own thoughts.

A few nights ago, my heart was physically hurting for one of my teammates and it felt as if there was a through and through hole in it, just like Jesus’ hand. It was after I had talked it through with my team that I understood what I felt. My heart hurt because Jesus was revealing to me that my heart was also His heart.

Now that I’m learning about my spiritual gifts, I able to grow and develop in my faith so that I can use my gifts to help advance the Kingdom in my current season of change and discovery.