The goal of Impact Kids is to reach and educate the underprivileged, orphaned and at risk children, with quality, caring Christian education. Our first preschool location has been fully functioning and thriving in the Kya Sands squatter camp since February 2010, and we have only continued to grow from there. Our Diepsloot preschool is also a self-sustaining, job creating facility that educates orphaned & vulnerable children (OVC) and other at-risk children. The Kromdraai and Kwaggafontein schools are also expanding and growing. Throughout all four Preschools we are daily educating 400+ students and serving over 4,000 meals a week!


Research shows that up to half of an individual’s capacity to learn have been established by age four. Statistically, the school drop out rate of children is reduced by 60% if they attend preschool. Therefore, education of the young is an imperative investment in the future of a community, a people group, and ultimately an entire country. Impact Kids is a place of refuge, love, and hope for children, where they receive quality education in a stable and safe learning environment.

Impact Kids Preschool has become a successful reproducible African model. Our goal is to continue to expand, launching sites in informal settlements throughout Southern Africa. These schools are a prime example of NGOs, local churches, corporate businesses, and communities working together to create a solution to the problems devastating Southern Africa.