Impact Students strives to engage, equip, and energize public high school students to develop and fulfill their leadership potential! This is imperative as these young students are in the midst of an education crisis where only 30% of students who begin 1st grade actually complete grade 12. We actively engage with high school students through teaching in government schools, through short-term outreach trips (Africans reaching Africans with the Gospel), leadership retreats, and one-on-one life coaching.


Life Orientation Class (LO)

(Here in South Africa LO is the equivalent to Home Economics in the States)

Within each Life Orientation class Impact Students strives to:

  • Engage students through object lessons
  • Equip students with the right tools to face hard topics such as, drugs and alcohol
  • Energize students to find their identity in Christ and pursue their dreams and careers


These 15-20 minute assemblies in front of the entire student body of a school allows us to:

  • Engage students through heartfelt dramas that relate to the realities students face in South Africa
  • Equip students with the appropriate responses to their teachers, parents, bullies, drug/alcohol, relationships, and God
  • Energize students to work hard in school and chase after their dreams – to actively combat the drop rate and the poverty cycle.

    Bible Exposure

    The Bible Exposure program is a once a week after school leadership program that enables us to:

    • Engage with students one on one and hear their stories, as well as engage them in the unique calling God has for them
    • Equip students to become leaders, in addition to giving them the appropriate teachings to apply to their everyday life and walk with God
    • Energize students to be effective leaders, and be the change in the next generation of South Africa