Tiny Humans


This tiny human, not even 48 hours old, slept in my arms when her mother let me hold her. She was sleeping so peacefully not aware of the outside world. I didn’t know how trusted I was until after giving her back to her mom and realized that holding this mothers daughter was beyond a privilege. Her mother willingly let a stranger hold her daughter and she trusted me with the safety of her baby.

Visiting the ward of brand new babies was a completely beautiful experience that I am so blessed to have done. We partnered with Baby Drop Box and delivered care packages full of helpful things for a mother with a new baby. The mothers were more than happy to let us hold their babies and pray for them, which was such a privilege because praying to the Lord for guidance and wisdom and protection. Praying for these families meant that they have a God that hears their prayers and loves them and their baby so dearly that he will do anything to protect mom and child.

I met these wonderful women once, I didn’t really know their story, but I knew that they needed to hear that they were seen and they were heard. If these women didn’t know what life would be like after they left the hospital then they should at least know that God is a God that will never abandon them and that God loves their child. God knows that their child is not a mistake despite whatever their families say. Their child was fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God and the enemy will have no power over them.

These moms have a blessing in their life now, and no matter what the enemy says, God will love her and her child forever and she will be protected. Meeting the mothers and children in such a vulnerable and personal time was a beautiful privilege that took my heart and made it grow even more full of love and respect for mothers raising children. The strength of these women has me in awe and amazement of who they are and what they do. Thank you Moms!