Trust Over Suspicion


TRUST OVER SUSPICION – Learning how to trust the Father’s heart and those He has called you to live in community with.

Trusting someone else’s heart is a choice. Daily we have the ability to choose it or not. There is no inbetween and I am so thankful for that.

When we choose to JOIN the TEAM of TRUST we are also deciding to fight against suspicion, bitterness, and disunity. Thankfully, WE ARE NEVER CALLED TO FIGHT ALONE! Community and Heaven are on your team and what a MIGHTY team that is.

(This pic was taken before a paintball tournament with interns, World Racers, and staff. Choosing trust also chooses unity – we fight together; Suck it satan)

This week has been full of praying with broken mamas in clinics, dancing and teaching high schoolers, and diving deeper into community.

A great thing about where we live is that there are FLOWERS EVERYWHERE! I am learning what it means to be in a garden; constantly being weeded, replanted, and in reliance to my gardener.