On the Field


After 2 weeks of being in Africa, we were (finally) put into ministry. So my new normal will consist of :
– Monday: Office
– Tuesday: Outreach
– Wednesday: Impact Baby Rescue
– Thursday: Impact Students
– Friday: Impact Kids

The first week has opened my eyes to the community. I had such different expectations for just about every specialty. Some, I did not expect to have so much responsibility/jobs. For example, Impact Baby Rescue, I expected to be with infants almost all day. However, we do more than that. We go to clinics, hospitals, communities, and SOMETIMES we see infants (if we are lucky). But for the most part, we minister to expecting mothers or new mothers.

I think each day I experience each specialty, I will learn more about God and myself. Even after the first week, I learned how the Holy Spirit can utilize me in many different ways and I cannot wait to see how He uses me in the next 3 months.