FEBRUARY 14, 2018


I woke up to start my workout just like every other morning. As I walked out to get to the backyard, there was a note on the table with roses placed next to it. I stopped to read the note and my eyes instantly filled with tears.

Now, I had come to terms the day before with not really celebrating Valentine’s Day as usual because I wasn’t home and I wouldn’t be getting any chocolate as I do every year from my dad nor would I be getting a dinner with my mom and sister. Seeing that note and reading it in handwriting SO similar to that of my dad’s was emotional to say the least. But the emotions were only just beginning for the day LOL.

The note specified certain parts of the house being shut off during certain times and announced a dinner that evening. Our “Dukes” of the house were inviting us, the duchesses, to a formal dinner honoring us. The anticipation of the day was exciting and slightly adrenaline filled. Being someone who LOVES surprises but is TERRIBLE at waiting, the day consisted of me trying to stay mentally occupied and physically busy so that I wasn’t thinking about what could possibly happen during the time that we weren’t allowed in certain parts of the house.

As I went throughout the day, it became super clear to me that it was not going to be a normal Valentine’s Day. Each time I would go back into my room, there were different gifts, letters, or flowers on my bed. AND CHOCOLATE. LOTS AND LOTS OF CHOCOLATE. I was overwhelmed by all of the love from everyone and everyone’s different ways of showing their love. As it got closer to the time of dinner, the girl’s side of the house turned into a frenzy of clothes, hair products, and makeup as everyone started to get ready.

We were all ready and sitting in the common living room as the time for dinner approached. One of the boys came in and said “Dinner is ready” and all the girls got up to go outside. The anticipation had been building all day because of all the secrecy by the boys and curtains being closed and doors being shut. We stepped outside and were met with rose petals on the ground leading the way to tables that were set with flowers, candles, and folded napkins. Everything was SO pretty and I definitely started crying again. We all sat down at the table as water was poured into our glasses. Next thing we know, the boys came out holding plates of Chicken Alfredo and garlic bread. As they came out, all the girls exclaimed in excitement about how breathtaking everything was and how much thought the boys had put into the whole evening. After we had eaten our fill and they had cleared our plates, the boys brought out dessert. They had made homemade chocolates and red velvet cake. Everything tasted so so yummy and left good feelings in everyone’s tummies.

The evening quickly became one that I would never forget. It was full of laughter, smiles, and memories. Knowing that our boys had made celebrating us on Valentine’s Day a priority, made any remaining sadness or homesickness go away. The entire day was something I will never forget and will always cherish. It was widely apparent that they were choosing to honor, love, and serve us.