Hey Everyone!


Hey friends and family!

It’s been a WILD past two weeks but more than ever I know that this is where God has called me to be right now. I didn’t really have any expectations coming into this internship but I knew in my heart that it would be a season of stretching and growing for me. I knew it would be hard not knowing anyone but I also trusted that God was going to put the right people in this internship with me to grow alongside with.

From meeting everyone for the first time at our connecting flight in Atlanta to Johannesburg, to experiencing all the “firsts” together, it is so apparent that God really does know us better than we know ourselves. All of us interns are so different but we all help to encourage and build each other up. It is so assuring to know that even in all of our different life stories and paths, we came to together to fulfill a purpose and now we get to do it together.

I’m so excited to share this next journey with y’all and I cant wait to introduce you to the new family God gifted me with this year. I’m believing for so many Jesus filled encounters and miracles this year. It’s going to be such a great adventure! Thank you for all the continued support and prayers.

Love y’all,