Life as an Impact Africa Intern


IMEP2Through being an intern, I have learned that God does not need us to have all the right ‘qualifications’ or have everything ‘put together’, in order to be used by Him in mighty ways:

  • Share my faith and lead people to Jesus? I’m only 21 and still learning my Bible.
  • Pray for the sick and dying and believe they will be healed? I don’t think I have enough faith.
  • Teach and Disciple new believers in the Lord? I did not go to Bible school and I do not have a degree.
  • Lead and coach others on how to share their faith? I do not have much leadership experience.

I do not have any special qualifications or degrees to be doing what I’m doing, but that does not matter. Truth is this: God isn’t looking for ‘qualified’ people, but willing people; willing people to accept what He places before them with a quiet heart that trusts and depends on Him, who qualifies His children to fulfill His purposes. And because God is continually teaching me to be willing, He is using me. And He is using me beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

I cannot fully explain to you what it is like to lead someone to place their broken life in to the hands of a perfect God.

I cannot fully explain to you what it is like to teach and disciple someone in the word for more than a year and see their life transform before your eyes.

I cannot fully explain to you what it is like to see hundreds of people, both young and old, completely change over the course of a 2 week mission trip.

I cannot fully explain to you what it is like to see hundreds of children respond to the love of Christ.

I would not take back these past two years serving with Impact Africa for anything. I have learned more than I imagined, stepped out of my comfort zone in ways I never dreamed, and more importantly I have seen God’s heart for His people, the people that He sent His Son to die for. He has shown me the things of His heart and now I am responsible and willing to GO through His enabling power.

Written by Sarah Tapp, Impact Africa Intern (2012-2013)