Another week in Africa

Written by on 15/03/19

I couldn’t be more happy right now. As things get busier, things get more exciting!This week I have learned so much about my strengths and I’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg! We are reading an amazing book called Strength Based Leadership. It is really good material that we can apply to our lives — it’s all about being aware of our strengths and how to utilize them. As things get busier, things get more exciting! Up until now, I haven’t been pushed to read and actually apply what I learn in my life. I’ve been homeschooled for the past four years and in those years i’ve always been able to go at my own pace.

Since being here, it’s kinda like public school again — learning with 10 other people and going at the pace of the crowd. It is very interesting being back in this environment. Not only am I learning with a class, but I am living with this class. We are becoming family and we are learning a lot about each others’ strengths and weaknesses. It is really nice to be able to grow and stretch with other people my age — we can help each other and talk each other through things. Since we are all different and come from different backgrounds, the strengths are spread out. It will be interesting to see the cultivation of so many differences in a group like this.

One of my favorite things so far about Impact Africa is that whatever we learn, we can freshly apply it the next day for ministry. As we find out more about our spiritual gifts, we can apply it on the field the next day. Even things like our purpose! When we find out more about ourselves it will help us go out with confidence sharing the gospel. It is awesome to see how God can use something that we have just learned to change peoples lives the very next day. This program is a win win for me. I get to be filled every day by the other interns, staff and classes and then pour myself back out into the communities all to get refilled again! This week has been refreshing to say the least! I can’t wait to keep sharing my journey with y’all!