Come serve with us! We will curate a missions experience that matches the passion & skillset of your group. Groups of 10+ can choose their trip dates & work directly with one of our Customer Experience Specialist to curate a unique missions experience for your team.

We will take care of all the details to set your group up for success with our defined Missionary Adventure Prep that serves as your M.A.P to a successful missions experience. Your team will grow in their faith & return home with more confidence to share the Gospel of the Kingdom in their own community!


High-Quality Training: Upon arrival in South Africa your team will receive high-quality training that will equip them to share the Gospel and their faith in such a way that is applicable not only in the African culture, but also in your home town!

Long-term Impact: Your team will be plugged into our year round strategies for each community that we work in, which means that your short-term trip will have a long-term impact as our local ground staff will follow up after your team leaves South Africa.

Cultural Teachings: Engage in cultural teachings through our pre-trip training material on the history of South Africa and the different religions throughout Johannesburg.


Hands On Ministry: Be the hands and feet of Jesus as you assist those living in impoverished communities and desperate situations. Our Customer Experience Specialists will collaborate with you to curate the ministry experience that best suits your team. Ministry opportunities include house-to-house evangelism, hands-on service; such as laundry washing, sweeping, washing the dishes, building projects, women’s & baby ministry, and youth ministry. 

Children’s Ministry: You will have the opportunity to assist us in leading our Children’s program; Jabulani Kids (Happy Kids), in the heart of these informal settlements to reach hundreds of kids and parents with the salvation message!

Clinic Ministry: Depending on the dynamics of your team (gender, age, etc.) you may have an opportunity to visit a Clinic with our Baby Rescue Team to assist in our awareness presentations and pray with young mothers.


Evangelism: Advance into sharing the Gospel and be a part of impacting the lives of many with the message of Salvation through house to house evangelism in the informal settlements.

Grow in your Faith: Our heart is to not only reach the Africans with the Gospel, but to also encourage and teach each participant to grow in their faith through daily spending time with God in His Word.

Celebrate: End your trip with a ‘Big 5!’ African Safari, a visit to the Lion Park and a nice African dinner out to eat to celebrate all that God did in and through you during your time here!

Are you or your Group ready to advance the Gospel?