These staff members are committed to helping you and/or your group make it to South Africa as easily and smoothly as possible. They will ensure that you have an excellent missions experience with high-quality training that you and/or your group can implement back home!

Kristen Sullivan
Mission Adventures Manager

Kristen serves as the Mission Adventures Manager. She has 10 years of ministry training and experience in recruiting short-term missionaries and groups. Kristen has served with Impact Africa for over 5 years and as an alumnus of the Missions Experience Program, she is passionate about recruiting, hosting and training short-term missionaries. Feel free to connect with Kristen at

Emily Miller
Operations Manager 

Emily serves as the Operations Manager for all short-term mission trips. She handles all of the pre-trip logistics and communications! Have a question? Ask Emily! She has been serving with Impact Africa for four years and has a passion to help each individual and group make it to South Africa as smoothly as possible. Feel free to reach out to Emily at

Logan Daley
Community Outreach Manager

Logan has been serving with Impact Africa for almost three years as our Community Outreach Manager. Logan strategically plans the ministry activities of each team so that everything your team does here in South Africa plugs into our long-term strategies. He has a huge passion to help train and equip each short-term missionary to effectively share their faith and advance the Gospel. Feel free to reach out to Logan at

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