The Baby Rescue Team

These staff members are fully committed to being an advocate that will intervene on behalf of desperate young mothers and their precious babies in order to ensure the best future for their children, while rescuing and preventing babies from being abandoned. We are incredibly thankful to be blessed with such an amazing to reach these mommies and abandoned babies!

Nichie Parish

Impact Baby Rescue Director

Nichie Parish serves as the Impact Baby Rescue Director. Nichie has 10+ years of international ministry experience and is pursuing her degree in Developmental Psychology through Liberty University Online. Nichie has a passion for protecting and preserving life, which enables her to uniquely minister to these young desperate women and their precious babies. Please feel free to connect with Nichie at!

Maddie Mononela

Baby Rescue Center Manager

Maddie Mononela is a local African who has been serving as a full-time staff member since 2014. Maddie is pursuing her degree of Social Work at the University of South Africa. Maddie is uniquely qualified for this role with her specific gifts, talents and passions. Maddie is the first responder to assist and counsel desperate young women and care for abandoned babies.