The Missions Experience Program is an on-the-field missions program providing participants with hands-on ministry training. This program is designed for individuals whose passion for overseas missions stretches beyond short-term trips and desire a longer-term experience.

Whether you relocate back to the States to advance the Kingdom, or serve as a long-term missionary overseas, this program is for you!


Community: Build lifelong friendships and learn what it means to stir up one another to love and good works (Hebrews 10:24).

Cross-Cultural Missions: Experience ministry in a broad range of contexts and cultures in the melting pot of Johannesburg and across the border in South Africa’s bordering nations.

Identify Your Strengths: Discover your God-given strengths and learn how to leverage them to fulfill the Great Commission in your personal life and profession.



Spiritual Growth: Invest in your relationship with God and reach new depths in your walk with Him as you live, minister, and learn with other like-minded young adults.

Training: Receive training and teaching on subjects that will develop your leadership skills, evangelism skills, and call you to a higher level of maturity.

Leadership Opportunities: Push yourself out of your comfort zone and lead in various capacities within the program and in ministry – at youth camps, on short-term trips, and in the way you live your life with integrity.



Ministry Outreach: You will learn to effectively share the Gospel, your faith/testimony and disciple individuals you meet in the squatter camps around Johannesburg.

Department-Specific Ministry: Based upon your unique gifts, talents and skills you will have the opportunity to serve directly within one of the five main ministry areas of Impact Africa.

Empowering Your Next Steps: Seek the Lord about His specific call on your life and graduate from the program with a vision for your future and steps to take to get there.

Are you ready to discover your calling, develop your gifts and be deployed?