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Luke Baumruk

Age: 18 years old

From: Orlando, Florida

Hey, my name is Luke Baumruk. I’m 18 years old and from Orlando, Florida. If you must know a little more about me, I love sports, nature, and pretty much any activity outdoors.

From Luke’s Blog

All Work No Play

Posted on: 15/03/2019

All Work No Play… Wait No… All Play No Work, wait... Gun in hand, sneaking through the tall grass, stalking my prey. Looking for a clear shot, waiting for the perfect moment… pop, pop, pop. Got em! On to the next target. This one has taken better cover. I don’t have a clear shot at my current position. 3...2...1...GO! I make a run for a better position. Out of nowhere...

Advice from A Second Year

Posted on: 15/03/2019

As a second year intern, there are things that I look back on and advice I would give to myself as a first year intern: 1. If your scared of something, go do it. Fear is a liar and a major roadblock that needs to be overcome. The enemy uses this to keep us from doing and living out the things God has called us to do. Run straight at...