• Sallie Suskie

    • Age: 18 years old
    • From: New York

    My name is Sallie, I am always searching for a new adventure. I love to travel, play the ukulele, and be by the ocean. I am 18 years old and from New York.

  • Rebekah Wegener

    • Age: 23 years old
    • From: Cincinnati

    Hey! My name is Rebekah! I’m 23 and from Cincinnati. I drink a lot of coffee and bubble tea, and I’m passionate about advocating for those without a voice.

  • Luke Baumruk

    • Age: 18 years old
    • From: Orlando, Florida

    Hey, my name is Luke Baumruk. I’m 18 years old and from Orlando, Florida. If you must know a little more about me, I love sports, nature, and pretty much any activity outdoors.

  • Jordan Konkler

    • Age: 23 years old
    • From: Alaska

    Hi! My name is Jordan, I'm 23, and I was born and raised in Alaska, where I spent my childhood picking raspberries and hunting spiders. I am a lover of mountains, science jokes, pie shakes, and life chats over sprinkled donuts and iced coffee.

  • Jonathan Franzen

    • Age: 18 years old

    Hi my name is Jonathan Franzen! I love traveling and ministering; mostly to see people be inspired by Gods word! 18 years into this life and loving it! See what’s happening new in my blogs!

  • Frenisia Williams

    • Age: 22 years old
    • From: California

    Hey, I’m Frenisia! I’m 22 and from California. My favorite color is yellow and I absolutely LOVE dolphins and sunflowers.

  • Eve Weifenbach

    • Age: 18 years old
    • From: Indianapolis, Indiana

    Hi, my name is Eve Weifenbach. I am 18 years old. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana and I have 3 basset hounds named Maxine, Elmer and Winifred.

  • Efrain Roldan

    • Age: 20 years old
    • From: San Jose, Costa Rica

    My name is Efrain Roldan but I like being called “Efra” of “Rafiki”. I’m 20 years old and I’m from San Jose, Costa Rica. I accepted Jesus as my savior when I was 12 years old and I have a passion in taking the Love of God to the world. I love aviation, photography, enjoy playing guitar and going on road trips.

  • Dawson Bailey

    • From: Greenville, North Carolina

    Hey, my name is Dawson Bailey! I have lived in Greenville, North Carolina my entire life and have a family of five. Playing piano and guitar are two of my favorite things. I went on my first missions trip in the seventh grade and have loved them ever since!!

  • Bethany Fuquay

    • Age: 19 years old
    • From: Chesterfield, Virginia

    Hi! My name is Bethany and I am currently 19 years old. Originally from Chesterfield Virginia, where I was the youngest of three girls, I eventually went to American University to play field hockey. After a semester, I left to follow God’s calling and now I’m here with Impact Africa!

  • Aleena Alvarado

    • Age: 19 years old
    • From: Austin, Texas

    Hi, I’m Aleena and I’m 19 from Austin, Texas and I love queso.