In an environment that’s always moving, no week will ever look the same. This is Africa! Catch a glimpse of how your time will be spent while you’re a part of the program.

Ministry Focus: During your time at the Global Internship, you will have the opportunity to experience each main area of ministry: Impact Baby Rescue, Impact Students, Impact Kids Preschools, and Evangelism/Discipleship. You will have the opportunity to minister to South Africans aging from birth to adulthood! Within each area of ministry you will be under the leadership of our local staff who will coach and provide feedback so that you learn how to effectively share your faith.

Personal & Team Development: In a typical week, you will spend one day in the office for alignment (Chapel), team meetings, and gearing up for a week of learning and ministry. Three days of the week you will rotate throughout the various ministry areas, and one day you will spend focused on kids ministry by assisting and learning from our local Teachers. Additionally, you will be taking 2-3 college level courses on Missions & Worldview, Leadership, Prayer & Fasting, Vision & Strengths, and a language class (Zulu).

This is an exciting and unique opportunity to discover your calling, develop your gifts, and be deployed to share the Gospel. This is adventure meets purpose!

Are you ready to discover your calling, develop your gifts and be deployed?